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Editor's Note: The Center for Beam Physics has been re-organized into the Accelerator Modeling Program and the Berkeley Accelerator Controls and Instrumentation Program. Please refer to those pages for current information. This site is being kept online for archival purposes and as a valid destination for links on other pages.

FPOCBP staff May 2011


The Center for Beam Physics (CBP) is a resource for meeting the challenges of accelerator science, and a source of many innovative concepts, within the Accelerator and Fusion Research Division.

We have core expertise in accelerator physics and theory, accelerator modeling using high performance computing, and instrumentation, diagnostics, RF systems, and component design. We bring all this to bear on the critical needs of the accelerator-based community, working in teams that are often part of larger collaborations in national and international projects. These projects include the development of future accelerator facilities for high-energy physics colliders and intense particle beams, and a seeded free-electron facility as a next-generation light source.

In this manner we support ongoing and future national needs defined by the scientific community. Our work is aligned to the strategic plans of the Office of High Energy Physics and the Office of Basic Energy Sciences

The links above will take you to the different areas of research in which CBP has significant activity.