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Intense Muon Beam R&D

Contact: Mike Zisman

One of the important discoveries in high-energy physics in the past few years is evidence for neutrino oscillations (implying non-zero neutrino mass). A complete study of this new physics will likely require that an accelerator-based neutrino beam be directed at a detector thousands of kilometers away. A high-intensity muon storage ring is the ideal source of such neutrinos. In addition, it is expected that developing the techniques to produce, capture, cool, accelerate and store beams of muons may lead to the construction of a muon collider (where counter-rotating beams of positively and negatively charged muons collide). A major goal of our work is to establish the case for the Neutrino Factory and/or a Muon Collider as a recognized piece of the U.S. high-energy physics program.